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Collector Car Show in Lake Oswego this Weekend:

The Annual Classic Car and Boat Show in Lake Oswego is Sunday, August 23rd from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. To kick off the weekend, on Saturday, August 22nd, the fun begins with the arrival of the PT 658 and crew at the Foothills Park Marina on the Willamette River. Be there at 10 a.m. to ...

Lake Oswego Christmas Ship Parade Schedule

Since 1954, Lake Oswego residents and neighbors have been experiencing the Christmas cheer of the brightly lighted ships parading along the Willamette River during the holiday season.  Starting out as one lone sailboat adorned with bows of green ribbon along its rails, the Christmas Ship ...

Collector Car Show in Lake Oswego:

The Not-To-Be-Missed Annual Classic Car and Boat Show in Lake Oswego is Sunday, August 17th.  Attendees can view the classics on display at 3 venues in Lake Oswego:  Over 300 collector cars and motorcycles will be displayed at George Rogers Park. Nearby ...

Festival of the Arts in Lake Oswego:

The Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts , cited as one of Sunset Magazine’s Top Ten Events in Portland, takes place  June 20th through June 22nd at two venues on State Street near Downtown Lake Oswego. The Lakewood Center for the Arts showcases this year’s dramatic Special ...

Lake Oswego Park News and Homes for Sale in Lake Oswego

George Rogers Park, the lovely park depicted in this photo, is located just a short walk downriver from downtown Lake Oswego.  George Rogers Park features picnic grounds, ball fields, tennis courts, cozy beaches, hiking trails, an historic iron furnace, and a brand new playground ...