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Living the Good Life in Lake Oswego:


The City of Lake Oswego’s 31 open spaces and nature areas, and 43 recreational facilities offer residents an abundant array of outdoor recreation and fitness opportunities.


Since walking and bicycling are two of my favorite activities, it is easy for me to sing the praises of the Lake Oswego extensive pathway system. These walking, skating, and biking pathways consist of interconnected picturesque loops. Each loop, ranging in distance from 2 to 7 miles, offers paved pathways connecting Lake Oswego neighborhoods with the nearby businesses, parks, and schools.  It is not surprising that the most popular loop, the 7 mile Lake Loop, offers views of Oswego Lake along the route.  My personal favorite is the path along the Willamette River known as the Old River Road Pathway.  This route is approximately 3 ½ miles long and runs between the river and the road to the boundary of Lake Oswego and neighboring West Linn.


When searching for homes for sale in Lake Oswego or other Portland area communities, remember that your Realtor can tell you the distance between your home and various destinations such as parks and other amenities that are important to you.


Whether you are contemplating buring a home in Lake Oswego or the greater Portland Metro area, just visit and click on “Contact a Realtor” to find the right Soldera Realtor for you.


Patty Smith, Managing Principal Broker, Soldera Properties, Inc., Lake Oswego, OR