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Mount Tabor City Park in Southeast Portland offers a healthy way to burn calories and enjoy a stunning view of downtown Portland. The park extends from SE Lincoln to Yamhill Street, and from 60th to 71st Avenue, and boasts more than 190 Doug Fir covered acres.


For a relatively easy hike, ascend the stairs at 60th and Hawthorne, which lead up to the lowest of three water reservoirs in the park. Walk around the first reservoir, over to the west side, and then walk up another set of stairs leading to the second reservoir. Turn right on the access road, and take the trail heading uphill on your left. Keep climbing past the third reservoir, and then head across another access road and up another trail on your left, to get to the top. At the summit admire that perfectly-timed sunset view or just relax on a bench.


Heading back downhill, take the northern path of many stairs to reach the exit at Yamhill and 69th Avenue.