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I’m Cameron Frank, a broker with Soldera Properties. Whether it’s investing through stocks or through real estate, I have a niche for finding good deals; and coupled with my dedication, I offer my clients the attention and diligence necessary for excellent service. I also have experience working as a branch manager for a residential painting company and understand the sentimental value one has with their home.  This provides a great baseline as an advisor to my clients on a variety of home services vendors.


I have lived and traveled to almost every part of the country and finally decided to settle down here in Oregon. Having been to just about every state in the country and to numerous countries outside the U.S. I am able to provide insight to my clients from a variety of origins. I am a former collegiate basketball athlete and a recent college graduate from the University of Iowa  with honors holding a bachelor’s degree in finance.


When I’m not busy working for my clients, I enjoy going on adventures with my new puppy Yogi (a Bernese Mountain Dog). I’m into anything involving the outdoors and am a big fitness enthusiast. If I’m not working out or enjoying nature, I like to test local restaurants to find the true best cooking in Portland. When I’m not being active, I am a fanatic about the NBA and NFL rooting for D.C. sports.

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