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Dawn Cordiner
Principal Broker, Licensed in Oregon & Washington

Dawn Cordiner
Principal Broker, Licensed in Oregon & Washington


My name is Dawn Cordiner and I am a Principal Broker with Soldera Properties, Inc. I have been involved in the real estate industry in the Pacific Northwest since 1993 and I am a licensed Realtor in both Oregon and Washington.

I have extensive experience in nearly every side of a real estate transaction that includes, but that is not limited to, commercial and residential real estate sales, real estate business development, land development, investment property and multi-family acquisitions/sales as well as loan processing and funding on both local and national levels. In addition, I have been integrally involved in the management side and the sales side of the real estate industry. All of that, coupled with the fact that I have also been a buyer, seller and investor, gives me the ability to not only help you achieve your objective(s) but to also truly identify how to add value to your individual circumstance(s) and provide you with the attention to detail and expertise that you deserve. 

In short, I am a real estate expert in Oregon and Washington and I am at your service!

Portland, OR
Vancouver, OR
Tigard, OR
Lake Oswego
Lake Oswego, OR
Salem, OR
Happy Valley
Happy Valley, OR
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