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Lori Wika
Broker, Licensed in Oregon & Washington

Lori Wika
Broker, Licensed in Oregon & Washington


Lori has been a licensed Real Estate Broker for nearly 30 years. Growing up on a small island in the Columbia River with a bridge to Washington and a ferry boat ride to Oregon it only makes sense that Lori is licensed in both Washington and Oregon. 

Just after Lori’s 5th birthday a tragic fire burned down her family home. The same home that her Norwegian great grandfather had built to raise his family and the same home her father grew up in. This tragedy affected Lori to where a home is not just brick and mortar to her and “real estate” means much more than a transaction. So doesn’t it make perfect sense that Lori would become a real estate professional seeing potential in every home, in every price range? 

Lori began her career in Southwest Washington, marketing and selling residential, commercial, as well as, development properties. Lori transitioned into owning her own offices and managing real estate offices. Lori's offices and the agents she trained consistently won performance awards for high sales volume and production. 

This is no easy task for a single mother with three daughters! 

In the early 90's Lori moved to the Bay Area of California to be near her younger sister’s family and her mom and dad. There Lori began a small business called "Deliberate Focus" which trained in all aspects of real estate from sales to financing to escrow. Her passion being “deliberately focused” on strong ethics and high standards for all real estate professionals.


In the late 90's when Lori’s daughters were becoming teenagers she moved back to Washington to find better schools for the girls and there she managed a 70 agent Century 21 office in Vancouver. She soon became a Certified National Trainer for Real Net Real Estate Training Services traveling all around Washington and Oregon leading Real Estate Seminars and Classes. 

Lori’s girls are now beautiful grown women and Lori finally found “Mr. Right” (Jay Hinrichs). Jay and Lori are having a blast developing property and building homes in the Portland Metro area, from Seaside to Hood River and beyond. Lori is currently focused on marketing and selling real estate in both Oregon and Washington! Lori continues to be a top producing, knowledgeable Broker! 

With Lori's background and experience, she has superior negotiating and problem solving skills, which are invaluable in making great real estate investment decisions! 

Lori’s services will move you!

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