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Rachel Perry
Real Estate Broker

Rachel Perry
Real Estate Broker

My passion for real estate literally keeps me up at night checking out new listings and continually searching to see what's out there. I spend weekends walking newly listed homes or at open houses so I can better understand my market.


I love people and I love real estate – so being a real estate broker is something I am passionate about. Real estate transactions can be intimidating, and I work hard to make sure my clients understand the process each step of the way. 


Whether it's a hunt for a new home or helping you prepare one for sale, I am here to help. Matching my client's needs to the market is exciting, and something I take seriously.  My training in interior decorating can help you stage and position your home to help maximize your investment. 


I'm originally from England and have lived on the westside for 20 years with my husband and three children.  I'm active in my church and I also spend time volunteering at the Northwest Down Syndrome Association helping other parents advocate.




Rachel helped us find our dream home sooner than expected. She always put our needs first and was always there when we needed her. My family and I were so blessed to have met her. It didn’t take us longer than two months to find a beautiful house and complete all the process to purchase our new house. I got in touch with her on March 21st to hire her services, we closed on April 27th, got our keys on April 30th and moved the following day! Rachel is the right agent to help you find what you need. - Ada Romero

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