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It’s Not Just a Company, It’s a Culture


The people at our firm are not just successful in real estate…they are successful in life. We have strong family lives. We excel at high levels in sports. We are well traveled. We are well educated. We know how to deal with adversity and emerge victorious and better for it. We are very good at what we do. People like us gravitate to each other and, when joined together as a group, we are extremely successful and highly effective. There is simply no other real estate firm in the area like Soldera Properties, Inc. We invite you to come and see for yourself! Read More…

Behind the Velvet Rope

Almost everyone has, at one point or another, experienced VIP treatment of some sort. Whether it is being seated at the best table at an incredible restaurant or bypassing a long line with a first class ticket, you know that everything will be taken care of and that you can just relax. That is how you will feel when you work with us. We will handle all of your real estate needs in an efficient and highly competent manner so that you can enjoy the experience rather than worry about it. Read More…

Fast Forward

Soldera Properties is a boutique cutting edge firm that is constantly pushing the limit to move forward. The real estate industry is changing at a faster pace than ever before yet a large number of firms are still conducting business in many of the same ways as they have in the past. At Soldera Properties, we are constantly innovating, adapting and improving. For example, we were one of the first firms to launch a mobile app that will locate its users via an interactive mapping system and allow them to search for properties that are near their immediate location. Our office structure and dynamic is different and more advanced than that of nearly all of the competing firms. We have revamped and dramatically improved our web site three times in the last four years. We are pioneering new ways to integrate web based marketing strategies with proven empirical approaches to maximize exposure for sellers and provide better selections for buyers. In short, while status quo remains for others, Soldera Properties is moving fast forward! Read More…